FAG Top Laser Inline

FAG Top Laser Inline 1.2

FAG Top Laser Inline is a PC-based shaft alignment system
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PC-based shaft alignment system
60% of all unplanned shutdowns are due to misalignment and imbalance. The PC-based shaft alignment system FAG Top-Laser INLINE2 enables you to align accurately and significantly increase machine availability.

FAG Top-Laser INLINE2 is suitable for precise shaft alignment of:
- motors
- gear boxes
- fans
- pumps
- compressors
- etc.

You want:
- to minimise the risk of unplanned shutdowns?
- to prevent critical vibration?
- to avoid damage to bearings and shafts?
- to minimise wear on couplings and seals?
- to optimise the efficiency of your machines?

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